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Clinical Trials

Aevum Therapy donates a portion of its profits to perpetual tele-monitoring and clinical research through its sister company, Spectral Analytics Precision Tele-Monitoring.

Aevum is innovation at its finest. After 7 years in research and development, we have emerged with the most advanced nano gold formula which is far superior and more affordable than the competing brands.

The nano gold particles used in our formulations have been functionalized with collagen peptides and chitosan due to their cell regenerative properties or D-Ribose because of its ability to regulate gene expression.

This means Aevum Therapy helps address and fix your skin and pain problems at the source.

As we get older, our cells are not able to function as well and the buildup of cellular damage caused by free-radicals, bacterial inflammation, and environmental pollutants leads to impaired function of our cells, tissue, and body. All this ends up causing aging and disease. The team at Aevum Therapy decided to utilize the incredible benefits of this formulation in topical applications to give you a better chance, and an effective remedy that would help you achieve your wellness goals a deeper level. Let us take care of you.